Aware of their responsibilities


We have always left the glory behind us.


Over time, we have made friends.


  • Siltas aims to use time and technology correctly.
  • Siltas adopts the best principle of approach with job security, in-house training and quality standards.
  • Siltas maintains its production in a way that respects the environment and nature.
  • Siltas fulfills all the conditions required by the legislation in the working area perfectly.
  • Siltas undertakes the activities that will bring benefit to the country in order to leave the most beautiful tomorrow to the next generations.
  • The leader of the domestic industry, Siltas serve with a mining approach which deploys underground sources by following the latest developments and investments in technology for our country.

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  • Silica Sands

    Contains 95%- 99% Si2O. Naturally crumbled. Crushing process is not applied.

  • Chrome

    Grades; 40%-44% lump, 46%-49% lump, 48% concentrated ore.

  • Manganese

    Grades; 50%-70% lump ore.

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