General Tests

Laboratory applications is the system that performs the activities appropriate to the context of quality management system, which is analyzed on a regular basis by taking the samples, monitored real-timely in order to perform appropriate and quality production at all stages of the production.

Sands used at Siltas laboratories are as follows:

Foundry Sand for mold core making, Resin Coated Silica Sand for Shell Process, Filter Sand and Filter Gravel for Water Filtration and Waste Water Management, Rasp Sand for Surface Cleaning and Preparation, Raw materials for Chemicals Products, Anti-Skid Sand for Railway Applications etc.

Analysis and tests carried out at our laboratories:

Silica sand analysis

  • Sieve Analysis to determine grain fineness of silica sand
  • Determination of the amount of AFS clay
  • Moisture determination of silica sand
  • Ignition Loss of Silica Sand

Resin coated silica sand analyses

  • Hot tensile strength
  • Cold tensile strength
  • Determination of Peeling-Shell Thickness
  • Combustion loss
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