General Introduction

It is the first established leading manufacturer of silica sand in Turkey. Starting fabrication production in the 1970s and renewing the technology in the ‘80s they have increased the capacity.

It is the industry's stable castle with a total of 73 million tons of silica reserves including 50 million tons of proven and 23 million tons of probable within thousand hectares licensed area, 1 million tons/year of green sands production capacity, 600 thousand tons/year of sand drying capacity, treatment plant with 800 m3/h capacity, strong capital structure, inaccessible quality, customer satisfaction approach, strong transport fleet.

Siltas produces core and mold sand-resin-bonded sand to foundry industry, filter sand-filter gravel to treatment sector; anti-skid sand to transport sector, pipe filling sand for infrastructure works and silica sand in any particle distribution required by other sectors.

Company consigns their products as wet cast and dry in bags, big bags, kraft packaging and silobus appropriate to customer demand.

Tending to different mineral groups and diversifying their product line, they licensed a total of 50 thousand hectares of chrome, manganese, marble and olivine field in 2008. Company started production of chromium mine by the year of 2011.

It is our goal to increase the production capacity of our country through building plants in areas where the new product groups are available, provide employment opportunities, open up to the world market by carrying on export works, to be an international company in the mining sector.

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